Pardon our dust

I think I’ve always associated beauty with a specific type of outline, what it would look like to the human eye. I tend to wrap myself around this ideal image that is so far beyond my reach. Happiness was never something I longed for, just the image, the outer shell. If everything looked okay on … More Pardon our dust

The Sexual Tirade

The cry bubble in your throat can disorient you. Almost like being snow blind, you try to pull it together, show you’re strong and not on the verge of explosion. I get the same cry bubble every time I get into sexual situations with him. Not because I actually want to cry, but because so … More The Sexual Tirade

In the meantime…

It’s been too long since I’ve been here. My small little happy place, full of words and meanings that may be nothing to you. And sometimes even me. I began everything I intended, and although it’s a daily struggle, I have learned that you have to pay to play. Or something along those lines. Even … More In the meantime…

Porn Tears

Being able to connect with your emotional side can do a lot of different things to you at different times. Movies, acts of kindness, personal touches, and anything that can tap you into that place can bring some people to tears or rage. I embrace my emotional side, although at times I have to shut … More Porn Tears